Critical Media Literacy

Critical media literacy is one of the crucial future literacies to be facilitated in (teacher) education and schools.  In our research and work we collaborate with a number of transnational educators, practitioners and students as we co-create novice teaching and learning opportunities that enhance our knowledge of various media-related topics.

Critical Media Literacy is a theoretical framework and a pedagogical approach, which aims

  • to expand the notion of literacy. We communicate, read and write not only with letters and numbers, but with multiple forms of media: music, film, video, advertisement, images, computer games, etc.
  • to deepen critical analysis of the various forms of media, information and communication technologies, specifically the relationships between media and audiences, information and power.
  • to empower people to produce media themselves in order to be active, responsible citizens in democratic societies.

With this understanding of critical media literacy, we rely on the works of many established scholars, such as Douglas Kellner and Jeff Share, Renee Hobbs, Stephanie Flores-Koulish, Vivian Maria Vasquez, David Buckingham and many others.


In a joint effort this project aims to:

  • connect multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research on critical media literacy with local communities of stakeholders and their practices;
  • suggest practical skills and tools for enhancing critical engagement with media in teaching and learning contexts;
  • include democratic empowerment practices and opportunities for emancipatory social change through the use of media;
  • raise awareness of the reproduction of social inequalities, authoritarianism and stereotypification in and through media;
  • develop a network of global stakeholders in the field of critical media literacy and foster exchange.


  • Lecturers and students at universities working in the field of teacher education and beyond;
  • Teachers, educators and various stakeholders in education who are interested in critical media issues.