Online Module ‘Critical Media Literacy’ (OMCML)


Studierende beim Arbeiten mit Laptop und Tablet im Garten des Anglistischen Seminars.

The interactive Online Module ‘Critical Media Literacy’ (OMCML), co-created with colleagues from Teachers College, Columbia University, consists of a multiplicity of units that stem from diverse disciplinary perspectives and cross-cutting themes. A team of international scholars and educators have shared their expertise in this online module, involving also students and their collaborative projects for didactical and pedagogical inspiration.

OMCML is meant to be used by students who are interested in all issues related to media, as well as lecturers looking for ideas and materials to support their teaching and include them in a flipped classroom principle.

The structure of the online module contains a general unit on deepening knowledge of critical media literacy, and a multiplicity of units on specific topics, such as climate data literacy, games and gamification, conversation analysis, racism, AI, image manipulation, critical film analysis, porn literacy, etc.

OMCML is currently in the preparation phase. Its test phase will be released at the end of 2023.